In my office in Berlin-Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf I am offering a friendly and professional counseling without long waits.

A first initial therapy appointment is arranged within a few days.

What are the reasons for your search?

Are you suffering from a stressful work environment, experiencing burnout or struggling with problems in your family life? Do you need coaching to redefine your performance with your boss and / or co-workers? Are you looking for a seasoned psychotherapist in Berlin? In our sessions I will help you organize your thoughts. We will jointly combat your problems and you can expect a performance-based psychotherapeutic treatment.

Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Personal Coaching, Couple Therapy

In my work as a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and coach I combine classical psychoanalysis with a more modern approach of personal coaching and a flexible form of psychotherapy.

Privat Practice for Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Personal Coaching
in Berlin at Olivaer Platz


Wolfgang Albrecht, M.A.
Qualified psychologist, psychological psychotherapist

Motto: “We are all responsible for what will happen in the future.” (Sir Charles Popper)

Practice for direct payers, aid insure and privately insured patients.

Up to date information:
Interesting for members of statutory health insurance: latest developments on “Kostenerstattung” (compensation of outlay)

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